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Twinings Speciality Teas PDF Print E-mail
Written by c0ff33   
Apr 16, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Core Range Main

Coffee has dominated menus for over a decade, despite us Brits being a nation of tea drinkers. Tea has long suffered from a lack of operator love and attention, with limited understanding of which teas are suitable for each serving occasion.

By understanding what your customers want from their tea range and when and where to serve, we will ensure that Tea takes its place at the top of the menu once again!

Core Main One

Understanding your customer base and their need states from tea will help increase your sales and improve customer loyalty to your outlet. 

Getting the core range and format right will:

  • Drive sales and profits from your tea range
  • Encourage repeat custom from consumers
  • Improve consumer delight with the right range served in the right serving occasion

But what to serve and where? Earl Grey or Lapsang? Teabags or loose tea? With 300 years experience, Twinings can advise you on your optimum tea menu.

Everyday Tea....

With mainstream teas dominating tea consumption (80% of tea consumed is mainstream) it is essential to offer an Everyday brew to cater for the traditionalists amongst your customers. Everyday tea is a great choice for those seeking a strong, traditional tasting tea. If your clientele  are seeking something a little more refined, why not offer English Breakfast or Traditional Afternoon as your 'mainstream' tea, as these are both traditional tasting teas which would meet the need for a strong cuppa.

Core Range One

Speciality teas...

25% of households regularly consume speciality teas, as consumers trade up to blended and flavoured teas which offer something a little extra over their mainstream tea.

Earl Grey is Twinings signature blend, as we blended the original china black tea with bergamot for the first Earl Grey. The nation fell in love with this lightly scented tea, and as such 13% of all households now consume Earl Grey regularly.  As consumers seek to trade up when out of home and treat themselves to a superior cup, Earl Grey should be a staple on your tea menu.

Alternative flavoured or scented teas include Lapsang Souchong (*Not for the faint hearted - a powerful smoky scent and flavour) or for a single estate blend, Assam (strong, malty taste - good for traditionalist tea drinkers) or Darjeeling and Ceylon (light delicate teas, go easy on the milk).

Core Range Two

Green Teas...

Green Tea is the fastest growing tea category, growing at +7% year on year as consumers seek healthier options.  14% of households now buy a Green Tea regularly, so it is essential to offer at least 1 Green tea on your tea menu. Pure Green Tea is the best selling Green, but is often off-putting to those who have never tried Green Tea before due to its strong flavour. Why not offer a flavoured Green Tea, such as Green Tea and Lemon and Green and Cranberry if your customers are new to Green Tea, and offer Pure Green Tea as the staple on your menu?

Fruit and Herbal Infusions....

Health has been a key driver in the growth of Infusions. Caffeine free and full of juicy fruits or tasty herbs, Infusions are a popular alternative to coffee and tea on menus. 20% of households regularly drink Infusions and therefore at least 2 Infusions should be offered on your menus.

Core Range Three

Decaff options....

Decaffeinated products are certainly growing in popularity, as consumers become more health conscious and seek the same great taste but without the caffeine.

Other than the caffeine free Infusions range, Twinings can also offer 2 decaff options for your caffeine free purists, English Breakfast Decaff and Redbush.

Core Range Four


As a rule of thumb, for any areas where consumers are helping themselves to tea, caterers should provide enveloped teabags for freshness and hygiene.

For quick serve cafes and restaurants, or any outlets which prepare tea back of house, string & tag teabags should be used for speed of service and brand visibility.

Although loose tea is experiencing a renaissance, it is generally reserved for waiter service at table due to the complexities of service. Of course, loose tea can be served anywhere where the outlet feels a premium service is appropriate and if they have the appropriate teapots and strainers to create a loose tea service.

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