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If you enjoy the taste of fresh ground, home made coffee there is certain equipment that you will need to make this well. One of the key parts of the home coffee makers equipment is the espresso grinder and this is basically used to reduce coffee beans to the grounds that are used in an espresso machine.

There are a couple of advantages to owning an espresso coffee grinder. Firstly it can be more cost effective than buying pre-packed grounds and although you have the initial outlay of buying the espresso coffee nmachine this should be paid back in time with the cost saving from grinding your own beans. The second advantage is freshness. Generally it is agreed that the sooner after grinding espresso beans that you brew the coffee, the better the coffee will taste. Pre-packed coffee beans can sit on the shelf for a long time before use and therefore the best way to ensure the freshness and quality of the grounds you use is to make your own with an espresso coffee grinder.

If you are considering purchasing an espresso grinder there are a couple of types available on the market. These comprise grinders with a blade and those with a burr. The blade espresso grinder typically has a fan shaped blade that chops up the beans and these tend to be the less expensive type. However the blade type can produce grounds of inconsistent sized grains. If you are looking for more consistent grounds, which is typically said to make better tasting coffee, the espresso burr coffee grinder can be a better choice and this crushes the beans between a stationary surface and a grinding wheel.

Prices for coffee grinders which are suitable for home use can vary between £40 at the more affordable end of the market up to around £600 for the more professional style of grinder. For commercial espresso grinders the price can go up as high as £1000 to £2000 for top grade equipment.

Some of the companies that manufacture coffee grinders include Cimbali, Capresso and Rancilio. Examples of the espresso grinders on the market include The Iberital MC2 At around £130 to purchase this is considered to be one of the best budget grinders available. It has conical steel burrs which provide high precision grinding and has 16 settings allowing extra fine to coarse grinding. It also has a timer which can be set between 5 and 60 seconds and this allows you to work to an accurate grinding time. The Rancilio Rocky Burr Grinder with Doser is considered to be another good grinder and this retails for around £245. This is a medium duty grinder which is good for the home or small business. The grinding wheels are made of high quality hardened, tempered steel which provides a consistent grind and pulling the dosing handle will dispense around 7 grams of ground coffee each time.

To make the best possible home made coffee an espresso grinder can be an essential piece of equipment. It ensures you have the freshest grounds possible to make your daily espresso and this will help you make a great tasting cup of coffee every time.